About Me

Alden-Tan is a place of evolution; a stage for revival.

Do you ever feel like you need to start living before you die? Is the question, “There’s got to be more than this” always in your head?

A lot of us go through life as if we’re frightened followers, obeying rules and living up to others’ expectations as if they’re complete truths in our lives.

As such, important things like, passion, doing what you love, believing that you’re a unique individual with special talents and a cool story to tell, have all become clichés.

But I believe that’s not how it should be. Not for you, not for ANYONE.

Let’s get real and go beyond the clichés.

This is where you realize how great life is. This is the stage where you dance for others. This is the place for you to revive yourself.

It’s time to wake up again so you can start being yourself, find and do what you love in life, stop being bored and live a life of complete freedom.

That way, you’ll never have to ask, “What if?” ever again.

The Reason Why

On June 11th 2006, my dad died. I was only 20.

So yeah, I was changed forever. On that day I felt a very particular pain in life that suddenly made me open my eyes, like everything suddenly became real.

A very ironic twist: I was a much angrier person in life before my dad died. The anger and unhappiness came from always doing the “right thing”, where I gave in a lot to people. I walked away from fights. I never retorted insults. I basically didn’t stand up for myself.

All the right things in life just guaranteed me going home angry.

When my dad left, I thought,” And yet, someone I love is taken away from me”.

I realized there and then that, there’s really nothing else to do in life but just try to be happy.

I know what it’s like to feel completely low in life, to hit rock bottom. I know how it feels like to feel angry at yourself. I know how it feels like to hold back and feel completely unfulfilled. I know how unhappiness and constantly wondering if there’s more to life can take a toll on you. I know how it is to listen to others and not yourself.

I only aim to be happy now.

I quit my job to follow my dream of being a writer in my own terms. I’m still a Bboy (breakdancer) for more than 10 years, despite thinking that I’d quit long ago, and I plan to travel the world to meet others.

I’ve expressed myself non-stop since my dad died.

And it’s through this expression that I’ve realized living a life on your own terms can be easily achieved. You can do what you want and be happy. A lot of us just think we can’t because we go through life mindlessly and listen to everyone else except ourselves.

Within a few months of hardcore blogging, I’ve amassed over 3,000 subscribers with my own course I created. It has gotten many praises and thanks from readers who personally emailed me. I’ve also been recognized and interviewed in several places. I did it all on my own.

It’s my plan to help save others. For those who are bored and unfulfilled, let me tell you this now:

You absolutely do not have to experience what I had to at home just to do the same.

You can do all on your own. And I’m here to help you.

It’s time to revive yourself.